Choose your treatment

Prior to your appointment you will be sent an online consultation form via email which covers your medical history, any concerns and reasons for wanting treatment.  I respectfully ask this to be emailed back to me no later than 24 hours prior to your appointment.

This allows me to ensure you are suitable for treatment before attending, and to make any necessary preparations to ensure you receive the best possible service.

Below summarises the most popular massage treatments I have available.  These will always be tailored to suit how you are feeling on that day, in that moment.

Full body Swedish massage

This treatment will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed, soothed and restored.  It combines the perfect blend of Swedish massage techniques and includes back, neck, shoulders, décoletté, arms, hands, legs and feet.

With a little extra time, face and scalp can be included if wanted, and more time can be spent focusing on areas you feel you need it most.

60 mins - £50, 90 mins - £70, 120 mins - £90

Back, neck & shoulder massage

Relax, unwind and relieve tense, sore and aching muscles with this massage which focuses solely on the back, neck and shoulder areas.

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

Deep tissue massage

Particularly helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck, upper back pain, lower back pain and leg muscle tightness.  This technique uses slow strokes with sustained pressure to target the deeper layer of muscles and connective tissues, focusing on your primary areas of discomfort.

Can be incorporated into a number of my other treatments if you prefer a deeper pressure.

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

All treatments are individually tailored to your needs

Pregnancy massage

There’s nothing like a massage to rub away those pregnancy aches and strains.

Whether you want some areas of tension addressing or just some time out to relax, it offers a whole host of benefits for both mum and baby including reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, lessening swelling of the joints, reducing nerve pain, lowering risk of premature birth, reducing baby’s stress hormones and helping to connect with your baby.

All pregnancy treatments are done in a side lying position.

Back, neck & shoulder

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

Full body

Includes back, neck, shoulders, décolleté, arms, legs, hands, feet

60 mins - £50

Full body

Includes back, neck, shoulders, décolleté, arms, legs, hands, feet, face & scalp

90 mins - £70

Seated massage

Relax, unwind and have tensions eased without compromising on comfort. Designed to take pressure off the spine, the treatment in this seated position is perfect for a massage to the upper back, neck & shoulders, scalp, hands and arms.  

Perfect if you prefer not to lie flat or haven’t got much space for a massage table.  Also suitable for work place massage.

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

Natural lift facial massage

Get a more youthful complexion without the need for surgery!

This treatment uses specific lifting techniques, as well as lymphatic drainage and acupressure points to help lift and tighten ageing skin.  The combination of techniques used increases blood circulation enabling a more efficient delivery of nutrients to the skins surface helping to repair and balance the skin, minimising the ageing process.

This is the perfect choice for those whose skin needs some TLC without the need for additional facial skincare products.

60 mins - £50

Indian head massage

A blissfully relaxing treatment that uses a combination of Swedish and acupressure massage techniques on the head, face, upper back, neck and shoulders.

This treatment has many benefits including releasing muscle tension, aiding in stress and anxiety relief, aiding in the relief of headaches and migraines and promoting hair growth.

45 MINS - £40, 60 mins - £50

Ease tension, relieve aches & pains

Face, neck, shoulder & scalp massage

Melt away the stresses of the day with this treatment.  Beginning with the neck, shoulders and scalp to soothe tight muscles and promote pure relaxation, finishing with the face to relieve facial tension and promote healthy skin by increasing circulation to your facial tissue.

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

Leg massage

Designed to ease achy upper and lower legs and promote muscle recovery by helping to relive any pain or tension.  This treatment will also help to prevent any future injuries, reduce stress and help to relax the whole body.  Feet can also be included if desired.

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

Foot massage

Soothe tired achy feet with this wonderful treatment, which has the power to relax the whole body helping you to sleep better and relieve stress and anxiety. A great treatment if you’re short on time or want to remain fully clothed but are still in need of some TLC.  This treatment will leave you feeling truly pampered.

45 mins - £40, 60 mins - £50

Abdominal massage

A gentle non-invasive treatment that can have both relaxing and healing benefits.  It can help reeducate the muscles that control bowel movements, help with menstrual pain and bloating, reduce symptoms of constipation and improve digestive issues.

45 mins - £40